Georgie’s fascination with hand-crafted silver jewellery began at a very young age.

About Georgina Cunningham

Georgie’s fascination with hand-crafted silver jewellery began at a very young age, and came to bloom after extensive travel through Europe, the Middle East and India. Returning home to Melbourne, she began to learn the craft of being a silversmith and jeweller under the watchful eye of the iconic Patsy Meares.

Developing her style and her own designs into finely wrought necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, bangles and cuff links in sterling silver and gold, Georgie commenced a formal study of engineering in gold and silver smithing, further developing her techniques and style with new levels of confidence and finesse.

The birth of Georgie’s gorgeous children has largely influenced her work, enabling her move into a more naïve figurative style that is centred on the connection of family, relationships, love and the celebration of life.

Georgie’s style combined with the hand picked nature of seaglass, china and other materials ensures absolute individuality in all of her finished pieces, creating an instantly sentimental, personalised family heirloom that can be worn every day. The wearer feels a connectedness to the character, beauty, and spirit of each piece.

As a result, the vast body of Georgie’s work is in the form of commissions, as local, interstate and international demand for her iconic style grows, and her love for collaborating with clients to create a truly personalised outcome. You can learn more about commissioning a made to order piece with Georgina here.

Georgie has exhibited at a number of galleries in both group and solo shows and has supplied to various galleries around Australia, however at present this website is the only genuine storefront for Georgina Cunningham handmade jewellery. Shop here.

About Seaglass

The beautiful Mornington Peninsula provides much of the raw material for Georgie’s work- she loves collecting washed up seaglass along its myriad of beaches.

The subtle, almost imperceptible differences in the colours of seaglass are often used to represent the eye colour of the individuals whose images are captured within her works.

Georgie began collecting seaglass while living in Sorrento in 2000. She soon discovered the beauty of combining this unique medium with sterling silver, which not only looks beautiful but resonates with her passion about sustainability, the environment and recycling. You will also find bone china and antique coins incorporated into pieces, bringing life to objects that would often be discarded and forgotten.

A secret remote stretch of coastline is Georgie’s private nirvana, harbouring a forgotten old bottle dumping ground in South Australia and collecting locally on the Mornington Peninsula. Seaglass is a result of broken glass being naturally tumbled in the ocean, churning with the sand and tides to give them their unique finish. Georgie spends weekend and leisure time strolling the beaches of the Mornington Peninsula collecting these gem-like jewels of the sea.

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